Monday, November 19, 2012

School Donations

The Cause: In low-income districts, school supplies are a luxury that many classrooms go without. Often, teachers must purchase the supplies needed to run the classroom out of their already meager paychecks. When they don't have the money, teachers have no choice but for their students to receive an inferior education. There is a local school that has not have a sufficient budget and therefore do not have enough paper to supply homework. Teachers asked for parents to donate but not all can or are willing to so the entire 1st grade suffers and does not receive homework until they receive more paper.    
The Donation: Seeing as it is the season of giving I ask for you to donate to buy a ream of paper for them. At Walmart a ream with tax is $3.59 but donations of any amount are welcome. I will leave donations open until December 8th and on December 9th I will use every donation to buy as much paper as possible and provide a scanned copy of the receipt. For directions on donating through PayPal please see below. 
 The Incentive: Besides good karma and experiencing a warm heart, every person that donates an entire ream will be entered to win an awesome prize from my shop, the more reams you donate, the more entries you get. It will be drawn on December 4th and I will announce on my page and email winner.
Spread the word:If you are unable to donate any school supplies this year, you can still help kids by getting the word out. Tell your friends and family members about the need for school supplies. If you have a blog, run a website, or post on forums, etc.

Steps to donate: (see pics below for reference)
Step 1: Log in to PayPal
Step 2: Click “Send Money” tab
Step 3: Click “Personal” tab
Step 4: Enter email address, enter amount, make sure “gift” is clicked and then click “continue’ to confirm payment. I will send email confirming entries to the giveaway.