Saturday, October 15, 2011

Verified Winner's List

Thanks to everyone that participated! Here is the Winners i have  (The process is taking much longer than excepted thanks to several people that did not follow the rules and thus got disqualified). Next giveaway will be much easier i swear!  :D

Prize #31 Rhonda Hardin Martin: A.C.E pills winner: Tiffany Sullivan
Prize #39 Deliciously Fancy Boutique: Awareness clip winner: Mindy Davis
Prize#10 Lemonade Couture headband winner: Mandy Hein Brown
Prize #2 Lauren and Crystal's Creative Crochet Headband winner: Angie Adams Booher
Prize #48 Inexpensive Creations Peace Bow winner: Mandy Thomas
Prize #37 Violet's Buds: Ruffle Clip: Lindzee Nicole
Prize #30 Sparkling with Sarah: $5 GC Emili Taylor
Prize #25 Oh Sew Crafty Duct tape pen Jacalyn Martin
Prize #11 Tutus By Teisha Nail decals Tricia Sill
Prize #23 Isabella's Boutique headband Jamie Zumhingst
Prize#15 Little Pumpkin Love Freddy Cat Jennifer Colella
Prize #8 Alexander Custom Designs $10 GC Rachel Stevens
Prize #12 Alexander Custom Designs $5 GC Rebbeca Witcher
Prize #5 NAMI Shirt Katherine Kistner
Prize # 40 Monkey-Do’s Boutique: Halloween bow  Angie Adams Booher
Prize #7 Monkey-Do’s Boutique necklace Lesley Key Boettger
Prize #3 Monkey-Do’s Boutique flower Sheila Robertson
Prize #47 Captured Moments: Discount Jennifer Colella
Prize #21 Alexander Custom Designs 25% off Megan Stephen
Prize #35 Jen Cunningham - Indep. Chocolatier - Dove Chocolate Discoveries: Dove’s Choco Crunch: Sarah Madorsky
 Prize #32 Fashion World: post earringsAmanda Kaye Grant
Prize #14 Precious Gifts for Babies $10 GC Maria Baca
 Prize #23 Isabella's Boutique headband Jamie Zumhingst
Prize #49 Swiger's Scents: Scentsy CircleMindy Davis
Prize #44 Bands By Design: Hat Abby Valdez
Prize #9 Treasure Boxes for Preschoolers Beanie Baby Marie Smith
Prize #42 Intimate Expressions: 25% off ~Rachel Stevens
Prize #24 Heather's Wickless Experience Scentsy Bar~Tammy Dalton
Prize #20 Glitz n Glam Creations Digital invite~Lacie McCall
Prize #54 The Blushing Violet Pod Pendant~Alicia Chow 
Prize #34AMichelle Cappell-Independent Scentsy Consultant: Scentsy Autumn Bar~Amanda Blake-Griggs 
Prize #27 Photo Julia: Tie~ Stacy Nevinger
Prize # 4 Tattooed Tutu~Jenna O'Daniel Harrison
Prize# 17 The Modern Knot $20 CG~Sheila Robertson
Prize #1 Teacup Tutus Discount~Lesley Key Boettger 
Prize #52 Lovely Fleur-Handmade Jewelry:Butterfly earrings~Tracy Trout
Prize #13 Scentsy consultant Brenna Jones Free shipping on scentsy order~ Terressa B 
Prize #19 Passion consultant Brenna Nibbler~Em Hubi

Prize #6 Jemini's Sparkling Creations Bow tie~Stephanie Hegland
Prize #16 The Backdrop Shop $35 CGCasandra leonard
Prize #18 Find Me Models 6 mo. ListingKatherine Kistner
Prize #22 Katie Shackleford Body AppElissia Livingston
Prize #26 True Love Gifts Unique Gift Boxes & Gourmet Chocolates: Hoop earringsKelly Keefer
Prize #33 Creative Creations By Chantelle: 50% offDawn Parsons
Prize #36 Fantasia Home Parties with Angie: Body creamMeghan Joiner
Prize #38 Irihana Arts:
Prize #41 Pixie Stitch: Applique BibConnie Phelps
Prize #43 Ave Lee Bowtique: bowTreaya Stoud
Prize #45 Cranky Cat Studio: Bat BibFrances Kalender Jr.
Prize #46 Cranky Cat Studio: Spider bibScarlett Moeckel
Prize #50 LeaJ's:Package clipsLisa Lambert
Prize #51 Pelle Beauty: Eye ContourJessica Benitez
Prize #53 Designs By Thyll:Teardrop earringsMargaret Kennedy

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  1. Connie Phelps

    i have contacted pixie stitch for the appliqued bib i won in your giveaway. ty so much.


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