Monday, August 20, 2012

2,500 Fan Appreciation Giveaway Winners!!!

As per the rules every winner has 72 hours to claim their prize, if you have wrote on the vendors wall and do not hear back from them within that time frame, please let me know and send me the link where you wrote to them and i will personally email them.

If your prize has a shipping fee listed in the original giveaway then you must pay the fee as soon as you receive the invoice. If you changed your mind and do not want the prize please let me know asap so i can pick a new winner.

Monkey-Do's Boutique is not responsible for the shipment of other vendors prizes only the ones i sponsored personally

Prize #2 from Lollicake by Ella: Leanne Campbell

Prize #6 from Monkey-Do’s Boutique: Larissa Jordan 

Prize #7 from Monkey-Do’s Boutique: Mei Ling Liu

Prize #10 from Ashley Uzzauto MARK Rep: Sandi Howling Wowl Taylor

Prize #13 from The Hat Factory: Jenny Richie Rodriquez

Prize #17 from Suzanne’s Handmade Jewelry- Marie Smith

Prize #18 from Ashley Kurcz Scentsy: Amber Dixon

Prize #19 from Flower, Headband, and Hat Boutique- Krystal Romar

Prize #21 from Four Little Monkeys: Marie Smith

Prize #23 from Four Little Monkeys: MArie Cantelli

Prize #25 from Handmade by Amanda: Brittany Hampton

Prize #26 from Monkey-Do’s Boutique: Erin Steelman Ferrell

Prize #27 from Cutie Pie: Sherri Chastin


  1. Congrats To All Winners Thanks For The Giveaway I Messaged Mine Already Thanks So Much

  2. Congrats to all!! and Thank you so much Monkey-Do's Boutique and all that participated. Loved all the products!! My messages were sent!!

  3. Hi! I see my name for the lollicakes, but I don't think it was there 20th... The post has been edited with the alternate winners? So, I won? I messaged lollicakes this evening.

    1. Sorry for the delay. Yes there were new winners, the first winner did not claim so you won the re draw :)


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